We provide a range of garden care services in Melbourne. All you need is to contact us and let us take the task of gardening off your to-do list.


Frequently Asked Questions


What area/region do you provide services to?

We provide gardening services in Melbourne mostly in the eastern side of the city and the surrounding suburbs. Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you’re outside of our service area. We would love to discuss your project and be able to provide a feasible solution.


I need help with routine garden maintenance and landscaping from you, how do I go about the same?

We provide a range of garden maintenance services in Melbourne. Please give us a call to discuss your needs. Once we understand your requirement, we will schedule a time to visit your home and inspect the area at your convenience. We will then provide a quotation on the spot. If you approve the quote, we will schedule a time to carry out the required services.


Do you charge for your initial visit?

Of course not. Getting to know you is our pleasure. We are happy to come and meet you and have a look at your garden. We will discuss your requirements, measure your garden, take some photographs and then advise you about the options available. We then return to the office and prepare an estimate for the work involved. You only have to pay, if our gardening team works in your garden. We are renowned to provide affordable gardening services in Melbourne. We assure you, all our quotations will be within your budget.


What should I do with the garden waste?

Waste removal is an integral part of our garden care services in Melbourne. We will be happy to take all garden waste with us with at an extra charge starting from as little as $90. We can also dispose the waste in your garden bin or in some cases garbage bags to make it more convenient for you.


I work weekdays and my home is locked. How will you arrange the work?

That’s normal, you don't need to be home whilst we service your garden. If your property needs to be accessed through locked gates, we would request you to provide us with a key for the day of service only. In case the nature of the work is continuous, a duplicate key can be provided to us. Payment can be arranged after the work is done, either through cash pick up or electronically. Our gardeners are extremely trust-worthy and hence we can assure you the safety of your premises.


Do you guarantee your systems?

Yes, we pass on the manufacturer’s warranties (usually 12 months) and we guarantee our workmanship for that period. We are an honest and reasonable company and we want our clients to come to us for all their gardening needs. We work hard to satisfy our customers. Our customers often rate us as the one of the best landscaper and gardener in Melbourne.


Can you design a system especially for my garden?

Yes, all gardens are different and the requirements of the plants (and clients) vary. Every design is customized according to the client’s and garden’s need. We assure you that our design will be unique to your garden. We will provide you with a detailed plan of maintenance of your garden as well. We are blessed with a portfolio of happy clients who have been with us over decades. We still maintain systems for our clients that we installed almost 20 years ago. We would love to do that for you and wait for you to contact us.

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