External vertical gardens are the most sought after kinds of vertical gardens. However, they come with their own specific challenges. Here are a few things to consider while designing an external vertical garden.


Things to consider while designing an external Vertical Garden

The location of the wall face

Wall orientation is extremely important since it determines the amount of light and the water requirement for the plant. The choice of plants also depends on the wall orientation.

Our experience says that vertical gardens thrive the best on walls which do not receive a high amount of direct sunshine. Walls which are exposed to the afternoon sun are the most challenging.

The nature of the irrigation system

Well, watering plants which are places vertically on a wall are not easy. You don’t want a situation where water drips out of the wall. To solve this problems, we use the most sophisticated kind of irrigation system which ensures minimal or no dripping. We fit the watering system in a way that excess water evaporates quickly. In case a pathway runs under the vertical garden, we can suggest drainage solutions as well.

Time is precious. We understand that in most houses or offices, there might be a dearth of people or time to water the plant. Our irrigation equipment is extremely easy to handle and can be fitted with a timer for auto watering.

Our vertical gardens adorn many walls across Australia and we can do it for you too. Contact us today and let us change the way your surrounding looks.

Bring nature in your home.

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