Garden Landscaping In Melbourne

Garden Landscaping In Melbourne

When it comes to landscape, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we take the time to listen to our clients and provide personalized service.

Landscaping is that crucial function in creating a neat, stylish and sophisticated garden to adorn your beautiful house. Just like a house, a landscape needs a design to be built. We believe landscape design is the creative arrangement of space to achieve harmony, utility, and beauty between human and nature. A well-designed and functional home landscape can add to your family’s joy and increase the value of your property.

Although it might look like a simple task, the process of landscaping is far from being simple. Landscaping is a complex procedure which requires immaculate planning, designing, choosing the right kind of plants, gardening and then regular maintenance.

As an experienced gardening service in Melbourne, we offer extremely professional landscaping services. We concentrate on creating a neat, stylish and sophisticated looking garden that not only fulfils your requirements but goes above your expectations.

We work closely with the client, starting with an initial visit to come up with a landscape that our clients take pride in. Each garden we design is unique and we first spend the time to know you and your desired garden. We have the utmost regard for your preferred ideas, using which we create the design. We use the right combination of materials and plants that suit your setting to come up with a unique outcome.

Landscape Design Process

Being the leading landscape gardeners in Melbourne, we follow an immaculate detailed service with regards to our landscape design process. Our step-by-step process includes:

Step: 1


This first step is the most important step where we get to know your choice, ideas, requirements, and expectations. We usually conduct this step on-site so that we can take a look at the site conditions. After hearing from you, we provide our suggestions to create a common goal. We create a clear visualization of the final outcome during this meeting along with a discussion on other aspects such as materials, plants, timelines and definitely the budget.

We then create a document containing all the information discussed during the consultation meeting along with the quotation and the layout. This will be sent to you within 4-5 business days of the meeting depending on the project size. Being one of the cheap gardeners in Melbourne, we keep a keen eye on the budget and ensure to not cross the limit.

Step: 2


We then start working on the design where we connect people and places to ensure we create a place which everyone can enjoy. The design process consists of the following sub-steps:

Step: 3

Plotting the existing form

This is crucial for understanding the current situation of the plot. During this process, we examine existing plants, plants health and placements so as to understand how to blend the new design with the existing setting. This helps us achieve a functional new structure which complements the existing setting. During this step, we get a clear understanding of natural factors, house orientation, landform, sun directions, shade, and exposed area and how to maintain adequate drainage for the garden. The knowledge gained becomes crucial for us in moving to the next step.

Step: 4

Understanding the soil characteristics

Since we are concerned with plants here, knowing the soil is a very important factor. We conduct examinations to understand soil pH, nutrient and water holding capacity and drainage and use the knowledge during designing the landscape.

Step: 5

Placement and selection

Finally, we consider the placement of all the plants and other structures to come up with a unique creation designed only for you. Since we are a garden care service in Melbourne, we ensure to keep in mind the hot summer so that the plants withstand the heat while your house remains under their cool shade. An important aspect kept in mind during this time is to ensure a good view of the neighborhood from the inside of the house while maintaining adequate privacy for you and your family. Our design is made incorporating these factors.

Step: 6


The next stage is the implementation where we put the plans into action. We ensure to complete all the hard and soft landscaping work within the promised timeframe. Our team of trustworthy gardeners follows adequate safety standards to give shape to your dream. Our team of skilled professionals use the best, frequently serviced, high-quality equipment and possess and bring passion to our projects. We’ll treat your property with the utmost care and deliver high quality work that will exceed your expectations. We assure quality and are fully insured for damages and public liability.

Step: 7


Creating something is not enough, we need to maintain it. This is truer for a garden since they require tending almost every day. We provide maintenance services for gardens at a frequency of your choice. Whether you want weekly, monthly or one-off visits, we can do it for you. You choose the frequency and our gardener will be there to take care of your plants.

We are expert gardeners and are happy to share our knowledge to help minimize the chances of unforeseen circumstances arising out of nowhere. We can do this by anticipating issues early such as hazards arising from overgrown plants, structural issues from roots cracking walls, damage to fences from overgrown plants and others.

Garden More Landscaping can deliver you with an outdoor space that is sustainable, functional, innovative and that meets your personal tastes, practical requirements and lifestyle. We are an insured, accredited and experienced we’ll deliver you with high-quality garden maintenance services and great results every time.

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