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Who doesn’t like a lush green grass turf and a garden full of beautiful flowers?

While we often underestimate the power of gardens and lawns, they have a significant effect on our daily life.First of all, let’s accept it, people love houses with a nicely maintained garden. A green lawn gives you the option to host parties outside, enjoy some family time with outdoor barbecues and picnics, not to mention helps in keeping the house cooler through urban dissipation and arrest soil erosion around your house. The added advantage - houses with lawns have proven to have 15 to 20% more property values than those without.

As good as it looks, maintaining a lawn and a garden is not an easy task. You need to constantly take care of it by regular mowing, trimming, weeding, fertilising, and other tasks. And this needs to be done every week.

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We are your trusted experts in garden maintenance! Call us today to set up an appointment and discuss your gardening needs with us. Our specialised team has been offering the highest quality Garden Maintenance Services in Melbourne at affordable prices. Our wide range of services includes Tree Cutting Services in Melbourne, landscape installation, irrigation systems, Landscape Mulch Services, and more. We can help you create an inspiring, modern, and very beautiful garden, just the way you have imagined it. Everything will be based on your special needs and demands. We deliver Tree Cutting Services in Melbourne and ensure to help you get rid of uncontrolled branches of trees by cutting them regularly. These Tree Removal Services in Melbourne are very important because your garden cannot be perfect without them. Our experts do everything to revitalise and save trees but sometimes they are too damaged to heal. So when this is the case, hurry up to contact us and we will deliver Tree Cutting Services in Melbourne as fast as possible.
At GardenMore, we can take care of your garden by using industry best practices and state-of-the-art equipment. We also offer Landscape Mulch Services and aim to improve the health of your lawn in no time. You can choose from many types of mulch based on your needs and preference. Once you deal with us, you will soon enjoy a vibrant landscape around your home. Offering Garden Care Services Melbourne, we accept every landscaping project in a unique way. Our team believes each landscaping project is different and we always deliver perfect results at the end of the project. Get in touch with us and enjoy fast and friendly Garden Maintenance Services
The landscape of your home or business can get that amazing fresh look if you deal with GardenMore. Our professional team offers you excellent Mulching Services in Melbourne that can give your space a unique touch. We believe that mulching is all you need to upgrade the overall look of your outdoor space. Thanks to mulching, all seasons will be beautifully pictured in your garden and all of your guests will have a desire to come back to your place just to admire your beautiful garden once again.
Mulching is not an easy task to handle alone. It requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and experience. So that is why you should deal with a professional company. Here at GardenMore, we feel challenged when we take up a project. We make much effort so that you will have an excellent experience and trust us for other projects in the future. Our specialists also make sure to provide these mulching Services in Melbourne. Affordably, on your own schedule, as per your requirements as well as to your 100% satisfaction. Hire us today and we will bring back the overall health and attractive appearance of your landscaping.

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We know you are busy. So leave this task to a reputed garden maintenance service of Melbourne - GardenMore.

Hedge & Branch Trimming

Have you ever seen artistically designed hedges and wished if you could have the same in your front yard? Yes, as a garden care service in Melbourne, we will do it for you.

Trimming shrubs and hedges is an art. It involves a precise technique to trim the plants at the right time to promote plant growth, decrease the incidents of plant diseases and insect infestations, improve flowering and fruiting and enhance the overall health of the plant.

Different kinds of plants require different levels of pruning and trimming which is precisely what our gardeners excel in. Following the right tactics for the right plants, our gardeners can help your garden earn appreciations.


Pruning is a round the year work involving constant caring of the plants, cutting the diseased or crowded low branches, removing dead branches and maintaining the overall health of the tree.

Thinning is a specialized type of pruning applicable for canopies. This technique involves selective removal of branches from the canopy to maintain the desired density. This results in optimum light and air penetration through the canopy. The pruning requirement of each plant varies.

Pruning is not only a time-consuming job, it requires a sound knowledge of technique to do so. Incorrect pruning can do more damage than good.

Our gardeners are skilled in this arena and can help take this load off your shoulder.

Tree cutting and removal

Uncontrolled branches of trees have proven to have an adverse effect on infrastructure and property and therefore might need cutting from time to time. Cutting branches within a confined space requires skill, knowledge and precision and is best done by a trained person.

As one of the best tree removal services in Melbourne, we have the right know-how and expertise for cutting and removing trees. The primary concern for us while doing this is your safety and we do everything to keep you secure.

Destruction Removal

This is a specialized form of pruning which involves cutting down the lowest branches of trees and shrubs to make way for pedestrians, structures and vehicles. Sometimes this might be necessary, but not desired. Our experts know how to trim at an optimum level to ensure the purpose is met without causing harm to the plants.


A healthy soil is the backbone of any beautiful garden. Mulching has already proved its benefits on the soil. With the use of high-quality material in the right place at the right time, your plants can be happy and healthy in no time.

We provide a range of garden maintenance service in Melbourne. Apart from services such as lawn and garden care, hedge and branch trimming, tree cutting and tree removal, mulching and garden bed restoration, we provide some value-added services which you might require from time to time.

Other Services

High-Pressure Cleaning

Maintaining a clean surrounding outside your house showcases how well-organised you are. However, it is easier said than done. If you are starting off now and are wondering how to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the years, try our high-pressure cleaning. Our experts can wash away that stubborn dirt from the external areas of your property and gift you a spic and span look. Our high-pressure cleaning works wonders on decks, driveways, patios, fences, and all the other outside spaces of your home.

Roof Gutter Cleaning

This is a difficult job where you need experience, otherwise, accidents may occur. You also need the right equipment to do it the right way. Don’t take the pressure, leave it to the experts. Our gardeners are trained to do roof gutter cleaning. We will ensure everything is sparkling clean when we leave.

We provide a range of garden care services in Melbourne. All you need is to contact us and let us take the task of gardening off your to-do list.

Green Waste Removal

Are you struggling to clean piles of waste at the bottom of your garden? Hire Us and let us do it for you at an affordable rate. We provide affordable gardening services in Melbourne to help you with all your gardening needs at an affordable rate.