Artificial turf is a surface made up of synthetic fibres that looks like natural grass. It is mainly used in the following areas, including pool decks,  sports fields, backyard lawns, pets, and more. However, it can be utilised in both residential and commercial spaces. Synthetic turf installation in Melbourne provides an excellent artificial turf installation service.

The key reasons to install synthetic turf:

  • Low-maintenance: artificial turf can withstand intense use, such as in sports, and it does not require irrigation or trimming. However, synthetic turf has certain drawbacks, including limited life, the need for frequent cleaning, the usage of petroleum, harmful compounds from infill, and increased health and safety risks.

  • Many Benefits at a time: Artificial grass not just improves your house’s appearance but also increases the value of your house. In Melbourne, Sleek, synthetic grass landscape is the primary option for residential and commercial landowners who want a natural grassland look and feel without hassle. Artificial grass is also typically regarded as a luxury or extra element to a home that attracts prospective buyers.
  • Time Consuming: As we already know, natural grass requires regular upkeep to look fresh, whereas synthetic turf does not require regular maintenance. It is a long term investment. That also improves your house value. Artificial grass landscape requires only an occasional hose rinse, brushing with a push broom or turf rake to push fibres erect, and leaf/debris removal. So you can spend more time enjoying your lawn rather than caring for it.

  • Synthetic grass helps conserve water: As we know, water is one of our most sacred resources. Here, water conservation is essential at this time. Natural grass requires regular watering; otherwise, they will die soon; on the other hand, Artificial grass landscape does not require frequent watering. So, by choosing to install synthetic turf in your landscape, you will become part of saving the environment.

Now,  the ultimate fact is how synthetic turf exactly adds value to your home!

Every day, an artificial turf lawn provides you with multiple benefits. But did you know that upgrading to artificial turf might increase the value of your property? That means you’ll benefit even if you sell your home in future.

  • Aesthetic appearance

Did you know whenever a prospective buyer investigates any home on the market, what do they see or their first impression of them? They look upon the home’s appearance from outside. Without maintenance, natural grass fades away while synthetic turf does not fade, and it does not require that much maintenance and care. Artificial grass is always beautiful and inviting. Whatever the weather, it’s lush and green. Undoubtedly, the interior looks just as good. GardenMore is the best Synthetic turf installation in Melbourne.

  • Artificial grass pays for itself over time.

The synthetic turf comes with a high-quality warranty. Artificial turf can be  costly, but it is a long term investment for your landscape and home. However, the superior quality artificial turf at GardenMore can last for 10 or 20 years. So, you save your time and other expenses by choosing synthetic turf over natural grass. 

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of artificial grass, you can contact us for the same and one of our experienced team members will explain everything to you in detail. Let us help you fall in love with your lawn for years to come.