Irrigation Supply Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation Supply Installation and Maintenance

The health of a garden depends largely on the way it is watered.

Our Services Include

  • Design and installation of domestic and commercial automated drip and sprinkler systems
  • Repair damaged sprinklers or pipes
  • Repair or replace controller and wiring faults
  • Repair leaking pipes and fittings
  • Maintenance of domestic and commercial additions and any irrigation related problem solving


The health of a garden depends largely on the way it is watered. Watering the garden is a time-consuming process which needs to be done regularly. With a proper irrigation system, you can say bye-bye to the tedious task of watering plants. Garden irrigation systems are changing the way of maintaining a garden around the world. They not only save time but increase efficiency up to 90% which can be achieved using a drip irrigation system in lieu of the traditional garden hose. As the expert in landscaping and gardening services of the Melbourne area, we offer a wide variety of irrigation systems fitted with high-quality components only for your garden. We install professional-grade sprinkler and drip systems and uses high-quality parts so that you can ensure your irrigation project is completed the right way and is built to last.

We believe that three things matter the most with regards to irrigation service – the quality of design, the material used and installation techniques. The quality of design directly affects the efficacy of water and power. The quality of the materials used dictates the longevity of the irrigation system and the installation techniques affect the ease of operation and garden health.

If you think that Water bubbling up? Controller not working? Excess water bill? We can diagnose and repair all aspects of irrigation from fixing leaks, finding wiring faults to full system audits. A well-serviced irrigation system will save you water and money.

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