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commercial landscaping in melbourne, VIC

Garden More Landscaping’s mission is to serve the people of Melbourne & Greater Melbourne by providing high-quality commercial landscaping at fair prices. Our company’s success is a direct result of our dedication to providing high-quality work, excellent customer service, and being open and honest with our clients. We excel in bringing new ideas for commercial landscaping in Melbourne, VIC and we also work on your suggestions to transform lands into beautiful gardens with purpose.

At our core, we are committed to providing the people of Melbourne and Greater Melbourne with access to skilled commercial landscape professionals who can transform their business or residential property’s outdoor space into a beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing oasis. Please don’t wait to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the services we offer. Even if you’re on a tight budget, we’ll do everything we can to provide a solution.

commercial landscaping in Melbourne, VIC

How We Are Perfect for Commercial Landscaping?

Landscaping Done Right

Garden More Landscaping can help make your commercial space both visually appealing and very useful. Melbourne is home to our commercial landscaping team, where we help you plan, build, and beautify your grounds.

Adding Life to Commercial Places

Garden More Landscaping’s commercial landscaping services are the result of an expert team in the field. We treat landscaping like a project, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. We handle everything, beginning with the planning phase and ending with the final product.

Security Comes First

When it comes to safety, We at Garden More Landscaping take care of all the safety measures. All of our staff members are fully qualified to operate all of our machinery and have received extensive training in accordance with our strict Workplace Health and safety policies. Additionally, we have stringent guidelines for construction safety and adhere to them strictly, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Safe & Accessible Spaces for Everyone

We also construct and build landscaping features that are safe for the public. When dealing with commercial properties, it is customary to assume that the general public will be present. That’s why we have to make sure that all of your public spaces are up to code when we work on them.

Select Garden More Landscaping for Comprehensive Assistance

We can be contacted for commercial landscaping in Melbourne for landscaping projects of all sizes, whether they have a tiny area that needs sprucing up or a vast site that requires paths, railings, seating, and amenities. What we can assist you with:

skilled commercial landscape professionals
  • Professional Landscaping Advice & Services
  • Landscaping in Commercial and Office Areas
  • Constructing Parks
    Raised bed gardens, fences, gates, walls, paths, and railings
  • Rubber surfacing
  • Different types of paving, all sorts of concreting, decking, and many more

Landscape Design Process

Being the leading landscape gardeners in Melbourne, we follow an immaculate detailed service with regards to our landscape design process.
Our step-by-step process includes:

This first step is the most important step where we get to know your choice, ideas, requirements and expectations. We usually conduct this step on-site so that we can take a look at the site conditions. After hearing from you, we provide our suggestions to create a common goal. We create a clear visualisation of the final outcome during this meeting along with a discussion on other aspects such as materials, plants, timelines and definitely the budget.

We then create a document containing all the information discussed during the consultation meeting along with the quotation and the layout. This will be sent to you within 4-5 business days of the meeting depending on the project size. Being one of the cheap gardeners in Melbourne, we keep a keen eye on the budget and ensure to not cross the limit.

We then start working on the design where we connect people and places to ensure we create a place which everyone can enjoy. The design process consists of the following sub-steps:

Plotting the existing form:

This is crucial for understanding the current situation of the plot. During this process, we examine existing plants, plants health and placements so as to understand how to blend the new design with the existing setting. This helps us achieve a functional new structure which complements the existing setting. During this step, we get a clear understanding of natural factors, house orientation, landform, sun directions, shade and exposed area and how to maintain adequate drainage for the garden. The knowledge gained becomes crucial for us in moving to the next step.

Understanding the soil characteristics:

Since we are concerned with plants here, knowing the soil is a very important factor. We conduct examinations to understand soil pH, nutrient and water holding capacity and drainage and use the knowledge during designing the landscape.

Placement and selection:

Finally, we consider placement of all the plants and other structures to come up with a unique creation designed only for you. Since we are a garden care service in Melbourne, we ensure to keep in mind the hot summer so that the plants withstand the heat while your house remains under their cool shade.

An important aspect kept in mind during this time is to ensure a good view of the neighborhood from the inside of the house while maintaining adequate privacy for you and your family. Our design is made incorporating these factors.

The next stage is the implementation where we put the plans into action. We ensure to complete all the hard and soft landscaping work within the promised timeframe. Our team of trustworthy gardeners follow adequate safety standards to give shape to your dream. Our team of skilled professionals use the best, frequently serviced, high-quality equipment and possess and bring passion to our projects. We’ll treat your property with utmost care and deliver high quality work that will exceed your expectations. We assure quality and are fully insured for damages and public liability. We are often referred to as the best gardeners of Melbourne and we like to live up to our name.

Creating something is not enough, we need to maintain it. This is more true for a garden since they require tending almost every day. We provide maintenance services for gardens at a frequency of your choice. Whether you want weekly, monthly or one-off visits, we can do it for you. You choose the frequency and our gardener will be there to take care of your plants.

We are expert gardeners and are happy to share our knowledge to help minimise the chances of unforeseen circumstances arising out of nowhere. We can do this by anticipating issues early such as hazards arising from overgrown plants, structural issues from roots cracking walls, damage to fences from overgrown plants and others.

GardenMore can deliver you with an outdoor space that is sustainable, functional, innovative and that meets your personal tastes, practical requirements and lifestyle. We are an insured, accredited and experienced we’ll deliver you with high-quality garden maintenance services and great results every time.

Contact Us today to give your garden the advantage of the most professional landscaping services in Melbourne. It is your garden, and it deserves to look special.

Why Should You Hire Garden More Landscaping for Commercial Landscaping?

  • A Great Investment

Professional landscaping is a great investment for any commercial property since it enhances the surrounding environment for everyone who uses or visits the property.

  • Boost the Market Value of Your Business Property

The value of your premises can be increased by hiring professional landscapers in Melbourne. It should come as no surprise that landscaped properties sell for more than non-landscaped ones. When something looks nice, it piques the interest of more people.

Professionally designed outdoor areas provide the maximum possible rental return for commercial property owners. Companies are eager to shell out more money to lease or purchase more aesthetically beautiful and highly functioning buildings.

  • Professional Landscapers

We’ve worked on projects of different sizes and scopes for clients in the commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and environmental sectors. All of our work is completed in a secure, high-quality, and environmentally friendly manner thanks to our use of cutting-edge equipment. No one can be satisfied with a universal solution. Every one of our customers is unique and has specific wants and needs for their outdoor space. You can trust Garden More Landscaping’s services because we always do our best to give our clients the landscapes they envision.

  • Dedication to safety

The well-being of our employees and customers is our top priority. Our skilled technicians will never risk anyone’s well-being on the job.

  • Assurance of quality

We don’t lower standards to lower prices. Thanks to our wealth of knowledge, we can provide luxurious finishes at affordable prices.

  • Eco-conscious

Garden More Landscaping is committed to a sustainable future. Every one of our landscaping projects in Melbourne is completed with the goal of minimizing our impact on the planet.

important steps of our commercial landscaping process from start to finish

1. Quote Preparation

We strictly adhere to the landscaping plan and provide costs in accordance with the specifications. Our quotes are fully itemised to ensure transparency, and we offer cost-saving options whenever available. By itemising the quote, we ensure that every single item is included, thus avoiding cost variations at a later stage. We understand the negative impact of variations caused by human error, as they can significantly exceed the allocated budget.

2. Landscape Construction

We consider our drawings to be the ultimate reference for any landscape construction project. We strictly adhere to the specifications and avoid deviating from them without confirmation from our superiors. We maintain excellent coordination with other tradesmen, fostering respect and friendly communication to create a positive and enjoyable working environment. Based on our experience, this approach helps us accomplish tasks more efficiently.

3. Safety

All of our team members possess the necessary licenses and credentials, enabling them to work on-site safely. We firmly believe that safety should always be the top priority.

4. Time-frame

We establish and discuss the project timeline with the Project Coordinator to ensure the timely completion of the project. We recognize that delays are undesirable for everyone involved.

4. Final Handover

We go the extra mile to deliver the project in the best condition possible by performing any necessary clean-up, pressure washing, and making necessary improvements around the project area.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Experienced
commercial landscaping Team

Garden More Landscaping can deliver an outdoor space that is sustainable, innovative, and meets your personal tastes and lifestyle. We are insured, accredited and experienced. You can count on us to deliver high-quality landscape services and great results every time.

Contact us today to give your garden the advantage of commercial landscape services. It is your garden and it deserves to look special. When you want the best, Google ‘landscapers near me’ and you’ll find us! We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

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