Natural Instant Turf Installation Process

We follow a 5 step installation procedure to present to you what you want. what you want. Keep your garden looking gorgeous and modern with GardenMore. Our team of garden designers and installation professionals provide a wide range of residential and business garden services as per your demands. Utilizing the latest techniques and newest methodologies, we strive to keep your garden looking fresh throughout each season. Offering Lawn Laying Melbourne we want to design your garden and make your space stunning. We believe that beautifully designed garden can bring much harmony and add much value to your property. Thanks to a green lawn, you can spend a nice time by hosting parties outside, enjoying outdoor barbecues and picnics with your friends and much more. Just let us provide Lawn Laying Melbourne and we will create a beautiful space for you.
For a nicely maintained garden, we also offer high-quality Turf Installation Melbourne. Our specialists will visit the area where you want the lawn to be installed. We will handle your project smoothly whether the area is a perfect square or rectangle. Our experts always spend considerable time in measuring the area to avoid running out of the turf. Moreover, we also order a little extra to be sure that the process won’t stop because the turf has run out. So wait no more and let us provide Turf Installation Melbourne. Be sure, we will exeed your expectations!

Step: 1

Measuring the site and ordering the turf

First, we need to visit the area where you want the lawn to be installed and sketch out the area. It doesn’t matter if the area is not a perfect square or rectangle, we break down unusual shapes into small triangles, rectangles or circles and measure the area. We spend considerable time in measuring the area to avoid running out of the turf.
We then order the turf as per the total area chalked out. We usually order a little extra to avoid any last minute running out.

Step: 2

Preparing the site

Our experience gardeners then start preparing the site. They remove all grasses and weeds from the place by praying the area with chemical and leaving it for 1 or 2 weeks. The gardeners then clear out all the dead weed to ensure the area is completely clean.

Step: 3

Preparing the soil

This is the key factor in the lawn laying process because it directly affects the final results. Hence, we put in the utmost concentration in this. If the soil is sandy and not hard, we turn it over and level it. We sometimes add organic compost to hold the water on the topsoil longer. From removing the topsoil in case of heavy clay soil to preparing the topsoil, we do everything necessary to ensure the longevity of the lawn. Once the topsoil is ready, we surface the level thoroughly before rolling out the turf. We also add soil screeds to maintain an evenly look.

Step: 4

Installation of irrigation system

This is optional, yet highly recommended step. It will help in the easy maintenance of the lawn. Laying an irrigation system will save time and water in maintaining the lawn.

Step: 5

Laying the turf

The next step is to lay out the actual turf. We always recommend doing this in mild weather since the hot weather will dry out the turf roll and rain will soak it wet. This also needs to be done at the earliest following the delivery of the turf roll so as to prevent the deterioration of the grass. We always prefer to do it the day the turf roll is delivered.
We apply instant lawn starter fertiliser and lawn soaker wetting granules before rolling out the turf. This provides a slow release and gentle feed to provide the essential nutrients to the lawn grass in the beginning. It also helps to hold the moisture on the topsoil and helps the lawn to remain healthy.
We follow utmost caution while rolling out the turf. We also water the lawn within half an hour of installation.


While following the above 5 steps, we can provide you with a beautiful turf, a lot of the health of the lawn depends on the maintenance of the lawn and how it is provided with nutrition in the coming days.

Maintenance of the lawn
The first 2 months after installation can make or break the health of your lawn since this is the time the grass establishes the roots. Ensuring that the lawn is wet at all times is the key. Our gardeners are highly experienced to know exactly how much water is required in a given season to achieve this. They will do the job for you.
Adding fertilizer
After the first 2-3 months of installation, the process of fertilizing the grass starts which we will do for you. By using the right combination of fertilizers we will economize the water usage, help in imparting a deep green colour to the grasses and enable the lawn to withstand pests and diseases.

Lawn installation and maintenance is a constant task which needs expertise. Leave the job and the worry to us while you plan up a barbecue on your newly installed lawn.

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