4 Lawn Types Which Are Best Suited For Landscaping In Dry Climates

4 Lawn Types Which Are Best Suited For Landscaping In Dry Climates

Whether you’re a professional landscaper or just a homeowner looking to spruce up your garden, the location and climate of your site are crucial factors to consider when creating a landscape design.

There are four varieties of grass that do well in arid climates. However, this in no way absolves them of the need to water them or protects them from the harmful effects of drought or excessive heat. Like any grass, they need regular attention and upkeep. Regarding “genuine” grasses, these are the five that we advise for areas with little precipitation.


Although it is more expensive, this type of lawn grass is perfect for coastal areas and gardens with pools, making it quite popular in arid regions like Western Australia. Zoysia grass thrives in hot, sunny climates with little to no precipitation. It’s an ideal grass for gardening in such regions. Additionally, it is a hardy grass, so it will not be damaged by heavy foot traffic.


Kikuyu grass is perfect for lawns in gardens that get soaked not by rain but by sunshine. This type of grass is commonly used for sports fields, parks, and golf courses since it can endure both dry spells and heavy foot traffic and wear and tear. The reduced price of Kikuyu is an additional perk that makes it an affordable element for landscape designs.

Couch Lawn

Couch grass is a great option for towns in hot climates that are also close to the water. Its remarkable tolerance of salt makes it an ideal plant for coastal gardens, in addition to its tolerance of hours of intense sunshine.

Buffalo Lawn

While the term “Buffalo” may conjure images of North American plains grass, the grass in question is actually able to endure extreme heat rather than being devoured. On top of that, Buffalo grass can withstand the summertime deluge of garden pests and illnesses. This grass is sturdy and long-lasting, which is great news for families with kids and dogs.


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