We provide a range of garden maintenance service in Melbourne.



Apart from services such as lawn and garden care, hedge and branch trimming, tree cutting and tree removal, mulching and garden bed restoration, we provide some value-added services which you might require from time to time.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Maintaining a clean surrounding outside your house showcases how well-organized you are. However, it is easier said than done. If you are starting off now and is wondering how to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the years, try our high-pressure cleaning. Our experts can wash away that stubborn dirt from the external areas of your property and gift you a spic and span look. Our high-pressure cleaning works wonders on decks, driveways, patios, fences and all the other outside space of your home.

Roof Gutter Cleaning

This is a difficult job where you need experience, otherwise, accidents may occur. You also need the right equipment to do it the right way. Don’t take the pressure, leave it to the experts. Our gardeners are trained to do roof gutter cleaning. We will ensure everything is sparkling clean when we leave.

Destructions Removal

Need the lower branches of the trees cleaned up for various reasons? Whatever, the reason be, we will get it done for you. Cutting off lower branches needs technique and know-how so that the plant growth is not affected in the process. Our gardeners know how to do it just right and they will do it neatly.

Green Waste Removal

Are you struggling to clean piles of waste at the bottom of your garden? Hire Us and let us do it for you at an affordable rate. We provide cheap gardening services in Melbourne to help you with all your gardening needs at an affordable rate.

We provide a range of garden care services in Melbourne. All you need is to contact us and let us take the task of gardening off your to-do list.

Let us take the task of gardening off your to-do list