A well-designed and functional home landscape can add to your family’s joy and increase the value of your property



Property located in the suburb of Prahran with a56m2 backyard. The original area was fairly narrow and had 2 long raised garden bed. The garden had not been maintained for over a year and was completely out of shape.

The client was a new resident to the home and wanted a small backyard with functional space and preferred a certain type of planting.

Design Stage:

Preliminary plans were drawn up for visualization of the project. A rendered visualization image was prepared before commencing the work to provide the client with confidence in the outcome of the project.


The Challenge

  • Both sides of the raised garden bed were filled with debris and mixed dirt. This had to be cleared which totaled to an approximate of 7.5m in soil.
  • The ground was flattened for the new raised garden beds (0.9 x 0.9 x 1.2m high).
  • Installation of the automatic irrigation system was difficult as there were brick pavers.

We Made

We created an amazing amount of additional open space by removing the long garden beds on both sides.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass was installed in between the planters followed by irrigation installation for all of the planter box’s, lawn and pots.

Vertical Garden
Garden Maintenance


Project Outline

  • Removal and disposal of 7.5m3 soil
  • Design stage, design the backyard, prepared visualization images
  • Order and organised plants and other material
  • Order, transport and installation of a raised planter box
  • Irrigation installation
  • Paver restoration by high pressure clean up and bricks were painted.

“After Jalpesh and his team entered my premises, I ran past the scope of works and they went about the entire job real smooth and hassle free. He understood the works and was able to do exactly what I had expected. Great work and prompt service. His rates were very competitive as well. Will hire his services for other future jobs as well”