Garden Restoration and Maintenance

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  • An unwelcoming entrance to a commercial building.
  • Plants had perished over time due to a damaged irrigation system.
  • Client’s requirement was to create a welcoming and unique entrance with evergreen plantation complementing the value of the property.
  • Installation of a fully automatic irrigation system.


The Challenge

  • Due to the area being surround by concrete it was challenging to install an irrigation system.
  • The water tap was not in close proximity.
  • The existing underground pipe was broken which was located within the concrete structure.
  • Therefore, we had to create a separate channel for the irrigation solenoid installation.

We Made

  • A very welcoming, eye catching, simple yet bold looking green entrance.
  • Plantation of 285 Buxus Sempervirens, 12 Ficus Standard and 2x Buxus Sempervirens English Box Topiary - Spiral 28" Pot
  • White ice stone complementing the back mulch dressing.
  • A low maintenance evergreen garden installed with a fully automated spray irrigation system.
Vertical Garden
Garden Maintenance


“After Jalpesh and his team entered my premises, I ran past the scope of works and they went about the entire job real smooth and hassle free. He understood the works and was able to do exactly what I had expected. Great work and prompt service. His rates were very competitive as well. Will hire his services for other future jobs as well”