Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are aesthetically appealing, psychologically stimulating and have a host of benefits on the environment. Plants are such instant mood lifters, they affect every person they come in touch with.



  • Transformation of 38m2 backyard in the suburb of St. Kilda, which was lacking the feel of nature.
  • Client’s expectation was to create a green space featuring natural greenery and plantation of a few herbs.
  • A Vertical Garden was the perfect fit for such an area with a very limited space, whilst still meeting the expectation.


The Challenge

  • Due to the incredibly small backyard, there was a very limited working space. This made it extremely difficult with the tools required.
  • In order to maximize the limited space, a taller structure was installed.
  • As there was no water tap in the proximity, installing the irrigation system was very challenging. An irrigation pipe had to be linked from the front of the property.

We Made

  • A remarkable stunning green wall featuring herbs and plants, which covered the previous naked and dull wall.
  • A satisfied client with full expectations being met of a natural green space.
  • A fully automatic irrigation watering system installed for ease of maintenance whilst plants still receive full nutrients.
Garden Maintenance


“After Jalpesh and his team entered my premises, I ran past the scope of works and they went about the entire job real smooth and hassle free. He understood the works and was able to do exactly what I had expected. Great work and prompt service. His rates were very competitive as well. Will hire his services for other future jobs as well”