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Hedge & Branch Trimming

A pretty garden is a work of art. The trick lies in pruning and trimming the plants in the right way to obtain the right results. 

 Apart from imparting beauty, well-maintained hedges also provide privacy, protect smaller plants from wind and dust and enhances the light reflectivity of the house.

The task of pruning and trimming has wide-reaching consequences on significant aspects like improving plant growth, decreasing disease and insect infestations, improving flowering and fruiting which finally affect the overall health of the plant. 

Hedge and Branch Trimming - The best gardener in Melbourne
Hedge and Branch Trimming - The best gardener in Melbourne


As an experienced gardening services provider in Melbourne, we offer all services related to maintaining your garden bushes - trimming, cutting, pruning and thinning.

Being a responsible gardener, we conduct maintenance activities throughout the year where we not only trim and maintain the plants, we also conduct activities such as removal of dead branches, cutting of dead and diseased branches, maintenance of canopy and other associated tasks.


Our services include the following:

Hedge and Branch Trimming which involves maintaining the size of the trees and imparting them with artistic designs.

Pruning which includes removal of dead branches and enhancing the overall health of the of shrubs.

Thinning which involves selective removal of branches from canopies to reduce the density and increase light and air penetration.

Along with this, we provide a range of services specifically designed to impart an unforgettable look to your garden. 

Contact Us today and see how we can help you. We are trustworthy gardeners in Melbourne. After all, your garden deserves the best.



Pruning - the best gardener in Melbourne
Pruning - the best gardener in Melbourne

Pruning maintenance can be done throughout the year, that includes the removal of dead branches, and other diseased, crowded, low branches. This will benefit the tree to restore its health.

Thinning – This type of pruning is a little more subjective. It involves the selective removal of branches from the canopy to reduce its density in order to improve light and air penetration. Pruning correctly and at a suitable time are different for each plant type.

 For pruning to be effective, you need to do so regularly and it can be very time to consume and climbing a ladder can be hazardous in some cases. If you don’t know how to prune correctly or timeously, you can do more damage than good. Please give us a call for correctly maintained, hedges and shrubs that can add an enormous charm to your garden.

Also, we are happy to make a suggestion on your hedge plantation process, types and maintenance requirements.

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