Synthetic Lawn Installation Process

Want a picture perfect grass ? Synthetic grass is the answer then.

Synthetic grass is right for you if you’re tired of mowing the lawn every 3 weeks, weeding, fertilising time to time and watering every second day. If your water bill is over the roof, if you don’t want to use chemicals and herbicides and Last but not least if you believe that artificial grass is as good as real grass and may be even better.

It’s not as expensive as you think, the money you save on water and time and maintenance makes synthetic turf a long-term investment!

We follow a 8 steps installation procedure to achieve professional results.

Step: 1

Design and Planning

One of our Professional Design Consultants will assist you with your design and plan in an effort to come up with a clear picture as to your overall vision and goals for the project. The design and diagram will determine the scope of the project. At this point we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate in regards to your investment. We can continue to alter the scope until we meet your project expectations. Once the design is finalised we will use the diagram to anticipate the appropriate quantities of material to place an order.

Step: 2

Pre-demolition check and demolition

Before the demolition can commence, all utilities (electrical, gas, water, etc.) including all sprinklers must be properly located to eliminate unnecessary difficulties. Depending on the customer’s preference, the sprinkler system can be capped for use at a later point in time, or we can remove it altogether.

Step: 3

Grading, Drainage and Sub-base Compaction

At this point if drains are required for installation, this is the best time to do so, among accounting for proper water flow away from your house. We will use a plate compactor to compact the sub-base. This is crucial as we do not want to have any air gaps in our system. If you skip this step, it will lead to undulations or depressions later on.

Step: 4

Base Preparation & Compaction

We will prepare a 70-150mm of crushed rock base (varies from site to site) which will be dispersed throughout the synthetic lawn area. Once the base has been set, we will hose the base down and compact it until we reach a firm stable ground. Compaction will be carried out on layer to layer bases.

Step: 5

Turf Preparation

We ensure to roll the turf completely out and allow it to sit in the sun during the initial preparation process. Since the turf has been rolled up like carpet, we need to eliminate any wrinkles and bunching. Once the synthetic grass is positioned properly, we remove the excess turf that will not be needed, making it much easier to work with.

Step: 6

Seaming, Trimming & Secure

We are now ready to join the pieces together. We make sure that all the rolls of grass are laid in the same direction. There are several seaming techniques and the actual technique used on a particular job can vary from job to job depending on the circumstances. Once the seams have been completed, the final trimming can take place along all the edges of the grass.

Step: 7

Power Broom and Infill Preparation

To get the turf ready for the infill installation, we use a power broom and sweep the turf in the opposite direction so that the blades are pointing. This will prop the blades upright and allow for the infill to properly penetrate the grass to the base of the turf.

We use a standard seed drop spreader to install the infill. The infill is used to help weigh down the turf, assist with blade recovery, soften the feel under your feet and many more life extending benefits.

Step: 8

Final Trimming & Clean-up

We complete a thorough inspection to identify if there are any blades of grass that are out of place. If everything looks perfect, then we hose down your new lawn which will complete the infill install and now your synthetic lawn installation is complete and ready to enjoy.

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Jalpesh provided a timely quote and the work was completed on the agreed upon date. I would have no hesitation in using his services again should the need arise.

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