Vertical Garden

It feels awesome to have some greenery around, isn’t it? And if it is your own garden, then nothing like it.


Craving for some lush green around you but have limited space? Worry not! We’ve got the perfect solution for you – Vertical Garden. They require low maintenance, need lesser space and use water efficiently.


Often termed as ‘Green Walls’, here are a few things you need to know about vertical gardens:

They are an excellent idea for balcony, rooftops, outdoor barbecue area, dining area, and courtyards.


If you live in a high-density area and privacy is an issue, vertical gardens are the solution.

 They are low maintenance and great for a busy family.

They can be installed without expensive plumbing setups.

The surrounding green walls will cool your house, a feature particularly useful for the hot summers.

And finally, the green walls look stunning and will definitely add a bit of oomph to your living space.


Our vertical gardening solutions

Here are a few things that we offer our clients:

1. Stunning external vertical garden systems

If you wish to have a beautiful garden even if you have limited space in your home and office and we’re here to make that wish come true. From designing to supplying equipment, installing and maintenance – we have all the solutions for you. We will recommend the right plant for the right area to ensure the garden looks healthy. We design the vertical garden keeping in mind all the factors including availability of light, air and the climatic conditions.


2. Exquisite internal vertical garden systems

An indoor garden can be very stylish and bring in health and joy to your home and office. Yes, they look nice, but they have a lot of health benefits too. The green plants are soothing to the eye, the oxygen they produce is good for health and the plants lift your mood up instantly. Indoor vertical gardens are a good idea for any kind of spaces – home, office, hotels, retail centres and other commercial areas.

We are an experienced company providing gardening solutions to thousands across Melbourne. We offer our expertise in creating outstanding vertical gardens for our clients. We use the best kind of water-saving technology so that the garden survives Victoria’s harsh climate



Vertical gardens are aesthetically appealing, psychologically stimulating and have a host of benefits on the environment. Plants are such instant mood lifters, they affect every person they come in touch with.

If you have been wondering why you should invest in a vertical garden, let us give you a few reasons to do so:


We need to preserve greenery

It is not a secret that the colour green is slowly disappearing from our lives. In the hurry to make a living and live a comfortable life, most of us don’t pay much attention to preserving greenery. But we should and we must.


Vertical gardens bring nature close to you

Research reveals the closeness to nature has good impacts on mental and physical health. Vertical gardens are great alternatives if your living space does not permit you to have a garden. They are becoming popular day by day and they will continue to be important.


Breathe purer air

We breathe in pollutants and a range of toxic gases every day. the air-conditioned environments are full of toxins which affect our lungs adversely. It is no secret that plants absorb these toxins and give us pure oxygen to survive. A recent study conducted at NASA reveals that plant leaves and root micro-organisms absorb toxins from modern building air. In fact, certain tropical species of plants are more beneficial than others. A vertical garden gives you the freshest air day and night.


Cools down the environment

Global warming is a reality which we cannot escape. Summers are warmer and winters are cooler than they have been decades back. A vertical garden is great solutions for these thermal imbalances. They make your living space warmer in winter and cooler in summer, making your life more comfortable. You also end up spending lesser on your electricity bill cooling or warming your living space.

Installing a vertical garden in your living or working space will light up your life. Trust us.


Factors to consider while installing a vertical garden

Installing a vertical garden involves a good amount of homework before actually doing the job. Here are a few factors that need consideration:


Preparation of the area

It is important to prepare the wall where the vertical garden will be installed. This will protect the wall and the surrounding area from any kind of water damage. Selecting the right material for the wall and waterproofing the wall is of utmost importance. The arrangement of drainage of water from the right area is also essential.

At GardenMore, we spend considerable time preparing the wall to ensure the longevity of the garden.


The irrigation system of the area

The life of plants depend on water and hence irrigation system is of primary importance so far as gardens are concerned. In case of a vertical garden, irrigation place a vital role since the water flow has to be kept confined to the wall itself.

The irrigation experts at GardenMore understand the importance of irrigation and work accordingly. We use state of the art timers with automatic scheduling to ensure that the plants are watered on time. These timers can be operated remotely for convenience.


Availability of light in the surrounding area

Lighting conditions differ depending upon whether the garden is indoor and outdoor. We consider the same while planning a vertical garden. This is an important factor to consider while designing a garden since different plants require different levels of lighting.

GardenMore horticulturalists conduct an inspection of the installation area and recommend plants according to the lighting requirement of the same. In case of low light, we also use UV lighting installation to ensure plants remain healthy.

At GardenMore, our clients are at the center of all our activities. Hence, at every step of the creation of your vertical garden, a member of our team of professionals will be involved in the project. They bring their expertise in horticulture, design and practical construction to ensure that everything goes as planned. You will also be involved in the process throughout and your inputs will be given foremost importance.

As an expert vertical garden installer, we take various precautions before installing a vertical garden, the primary of which is preparing the host wall.

Factors important to consider for the host wall

We consider a variety of factors while preparing the host wall. Below are a few that can be named:


Specifications of the host wall

While each vertical garden is different from another, there are certain requirements when it comes to installation. Usually, a garden and a substructure protrude around 160mm from the host wall once fixed. Additionally, the plants may extend to around 400 mm off the host wall, although this depends on the type of plants chosen. Since drainage is an important aspect, we recommend a 50 mm drainage point around the base of the wall. This also leads to less water wastage during maintenance of the garden. For internal gardens, we construct a trough around 300 mm in depth to run through the base of the wall. The host wall needs to have enough space for installation of all these.


Load Capacity

Typically, a vertical garden weighs around 40-50 kgs once fully installed. The host wall has to be able to withstand this amount of load.



Drainage is a very important factor, especially for indoor vertical gardens. Nobody likes a garden that drips water from all around. The host wall needs to be waterproofed before installation.


Plant Selection 

Every species of plant requires a specific condition to survive healthily. Hence, the types of plants used on a host wall depends entirely on the condition of the wall. Our horticulturalists are experts in understanding the same and make their suggestions accordingly.



There is no point in getting a beautiful vertical garden if it cannot be maintained. Each host wall requires a specific kind of maintenance. We provide a range of maintenance solutions for our clients specific to their host walls.

If you are wondering whether your host wall meets all the criteria, we would request you to have us take a look at the same. In case, some of the criteria are not met, we have a range of solutions to solve the issue.


Contact Us today for an inspection of the host wall and let us provide the best solution for you. 



External vertical gardens are the most sought after kinds of vertical gardens. However, they come with their own specific challenges. Here are a few things to consider while designing an external vertical garden.


The location of the wall face

Wall orientation is extremely important since it determines the amount of light and the water requirement for the plant. The choice of plants also depends on the wall orientation.

Our experience says that vertical gardens thrive the best on walls which do not receive a high amount of direct sunshine. Walls which are exposed to the afternoon sun are the most challenging.


The nature of the irrigation system

Well, watering plants which are placed vertically on a wall are not easy. You don’t want a situation where water drips out of the wall. To solve these problems, we use the most sophisticated kind of irrigation system which ensures minimal or no dripping. We fit the watering system in a way that excess water evaporates quickly. In case a pathway runs under the vertical garden, we can suggest drainage solutions as well.

Time is precious. We understand that in most houses or offices, there might be a dearth of people or time to water the plant. Our irrigation equipment is extremely easy to handle and can be fitted with a timer for auto watering.

Our vertical gardens adorn many walls across Australia and we can do it for you too. Contact us today and let us change the way your surrounding looks.

Preparing the host wall is of immense importance for the longevity of a vertical garden.

Here are some work examples of our work.


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