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We can take care of everything from design to finishing, saving you the trouble of dealing with multiple contractors. Beautiful gardens are consistently delivered to Ashburton and the surrounding suburbs east of Melbourne by Garden More Landscaping’s outstanding services for landscaping in Ashburton, and we always stay within budget. This is something that we enjoy.

Garden More Landscaping is your best chance to find an expert landscaper in Ashburton. Whatever you have in mind for your backyard, a tranquil hideaway, a fun place to congregate with loved ones, or a stylish location for outdoor gatherings—our professional team can make it a reality.

Everyone loves spending time outside, whether it’s having a picnic with friends and family, playing outside with the kids, or just relaxing and we can assist you in discovering ways to enjoy outdoors throughout the year.


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Natural Instant Turf

Supply and Laying of Natural Instant Turf

Synthetic Lawn Installation

Synthetic Lawn Installation Service

Irrigation Supply, Installation and Repair

Plant Supply and Planting

Garden Features and Structures

You will get your money’s worth out of your outside space investment. Landscaping not only increases your property value, but it also improves the health of you and your loved ones. Looking for some inspiration or need some help making your vision a reality? The Garden More Landscaping firm for landscaping in Ashburton is at your service. No matter how large or small the task is, our skilled crew can complete it. Our mission is to create a reliable platform where customers can improve their homes for the sake of their families.

Our staff will discuss with you, create a plan, and then construct an outdoor space that will be a source of pride for you and your loved ones. Not only should the space complement the building’s design, but it should also reflect your taste and the ways you and your family enjoy spending time outside.

Why You Should Choose Garden More Landscaping as Your Landscaper in Ashburton

We are proud of our extensive background in the field and our talent for designing beautiful outdoor areas that our clients and their guests may appreciate all year round. By considering your color, soil, and grass preferences, among other things, we may create a stunning landscape that you will love. We handle everything from the first concept through the finished result, taking the time to learn your objectives and chosen style up front.

Our stellar track record of happy clients speaks volumes about our staff’s competence. Discovering your one-of-a-kind idea and working closely with you to bring it to life is something we thoroughly enjoy. We guarantee the most professional landscaping services to all our customers in the Ashburton area.

If you are looking for commercial landscape services and landscapers in Melbourne, Garden More Landscaping is the best service provider across Melbourne. We offer services such as natural instant turf, Synthetic Lawn Installation, irrigation, planting, garden lighting, etc.

Need a Modern Landscaping Designer in Camberwell? Call Garden More Landscaping!

Their dedication to the job has been crucial to our success as a top landscaper in Ashburton, VIC. We take great pride in the fact that we have provided Ashburton with first-rate landscaping. If you need garden design ideas, inspiration, or practical support in making your vision a reality, don’t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch with us right now to start your landscaping project.

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