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Discover the ease of transforming your outdoor space with Garden More Landscaping. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple contractors—we handle everything from initial design to final touches. Serving Landscaping in Doncaster and neighboring suburbs east of Melbourne, our top-tier landscaping services consistently deliver stunning gardens while staying within your budget.

Garden More Landscaping is the premier choice for expert landscaper in Doncaster. No matter your vision for your backyard—a serene retreat, a lively gathering spot, or a chic setting for events—our skilled team can bring it to life.

Embrace the joy of living with us. Whether you envision picnics with loved ones, playtime with kids, or moments of relaxation amidst nature, we’re here to help you make the most of your outdoor space, all year round.


Our Services

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Natural Instant Turf

Supply and Laying of Natural Instant Turf

Synthetic Lawn Installation

Synthetic Lawn Installation Service

Irrigation Supply, Installation and Repair

Plant Supply and Planting

Garden Features and Structures

Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation or a small scale, our colorful services in Doncaster will deliver unmatched landscaping excellence. Our expert crew smoothly blends art with science to come up with an attractive garden that increases your property’s attractiveness.

Among our services, we source the best possible solutions that are suitable for your company. Custom-made gardens that reflect your way of gardening will also be provided by us as well as careful construction following hardscape principles. We guarantee excellence in every project with a touch of our artistry.

Our magical lighting service will bring your outdoor paradise to life, and make it safe to enjoy the space even after the sun goes down. With our seasonal enhancements, we make your landscaping not just a seasonal revelation but will bring new life to your area continuously throughout the year. This way, your property will always be positive and interactive.

Our Landscaping In Doncaster site is where we offer the best products and services while maintaining the beauty and quality of your space as our main goal. Leap today and contact us to get on the way to the garden of your dreams.

Reasons to Choose Us For Your Next Landscaping Project

Consider integrating as much “Garden More Landscaping” as you can in your next project. It will give you a lot of benefits.

We have deep local knowledge which means we are in the perfect position to provide you with a solution that is well-suited to your location and which is also with you all the way through. The second but not the last reason why we care about the local raw materials pointed out the turnaround time.

Also, we are known for offering the best value with a combination of price points and the highest quality possible. Our main attribute is Professionalism and dedication where each stage of the plan is enacted to the highest standard. The reason why you have to use Garden More Landscaping is that it is not only a provider of services, but a kind of a partner that you can rely on to make your ideas come true and enrich the community in the process.

If you are looking for commercial landscape services and landscapers in Melbourne, Garden More Landscaping is the best service provider across Melbourne. We offer services such as natural instant turf, Synthetic Lawn Installation, irrigation, planting, garden lighting, etc.

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